Practical, Hardworking, Pedigree Cattle

The farm is home to our herd of pedigree Horned Hereford cattle. Currently we have around 40 breeding cows + followers, split between spring and autumn calving. Our Herefords are working cattle - They're docile, easy calving, low maintenance animals who thrive off a grass based system. The Boycefield Herd was founded in 2002 when James Lewis and brother Edward of the world famous Haven Herefords split the Herd and James moved up the road to Boycefield where he now farms with wife Lucinda and son Billy. 


Currently we are using three sires over the majority of our herd. Our main stockbull is Lisrace Lumberjack, with semen being used from Boycefield Congo (Horned Hereford bull of the year 2007) and Australian bull Yarram Park Unique P160.   


2022 On Farm sale
2022 marks the bicentenary of the Lewis Family breeding Hereford cattle. To mark this milestone we’re celebrating by having an on farm sale on the *1st July*. We will be offering all the "V" born heifers from the "Haven" & "Boycefield" herds.