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Following the success of our farm walks this summer we will be offering places on a series of farm walks around Boycefield again in 2023. Visitors will receive a guided tour around the farm by Billy - Soil Farmer Of The Year 2022 & Lucinda BASIS, FACTS & BETA qualified farm advisor, gaining a great insight into our regenerative farming practices. The cattle, sheep and arable enterprises will be covered as well as the extensive amount of conservation work we are undertaking on the farm. The guided tours are aimed at an adult audience so will not be suitable for young children. A circular two mile route around the farm will take visitors through our diverse permanent pastures and temporary herbal leys where our livestock will be grazing, as well as through our range of arable fields. Our farming methods will be explained throughout the walk, including how we are working with nature to deliver sustainable farming practices. You can book onto a walk below!

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We can also cater for and provide a bespoke tour/discussions for organisations, educational institutions or businesses. In 2022 we had organisations such as the Duchy of Cornwall, The Wild Life Trust and Farm Herefordshire for visits to Boycefield. If this is of interest please get in touch with Billy or Lucinda.

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Find out how we are using Mob-grazing across the farm to drive our cost of production down, improve sward diversity & quality and increase animal performance.


Discover how we are using clover living mulches under cereal crops to slash inputs and improve yields. 

Learn how we are transforming all of our Farmyard Manure into an improved higher quality compost. 

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See how we are grazing herbal leys and cover crops to help improve our soil health and reduce our fertiliser use.

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Take a look at our direct drilled cereals and come and discuss how we drill 'in the green' into catch crops and how we transitioned towards this type of establishment. 

And discuss how we're getting the farm to work as a healthy ecosystem plus a whole lot more!


Read what the Farmers Weekly had to say about the farm here!

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